Our Vision

We create Danish design facilitating ease & joy

DolphinEyes Aps is established in 2011 by Helle Kayeroed, who is also the inventor of the DolphinEyes™ bath visor. The company is situated north of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Why the name DolphinEyes™?

When someone doesn’t like hair wash it often comes back to fear of getting water or soap in the eyes. To avoid the dis-comfort, we all automatically closes our eyes – But by doing that many of us loses our balance, we feel insecure or even frightened.

The bath visor is called DolphinEyes™, as it allows the wearer to keep his or her eyes open during hair wash. And to stay balanced and secure. Just like the dolphin, who with open eyes, jumps safely through the water.

Our story begins with a desire to solve a challenge

DolphinEyes™ is the story about an everyday-problem, and an ambition to create a solution, that will make every day-life a little easier and a little more fun for families around the world.

In 2006 Helle Kayeroed got an idea that she couldn’t let go off. She was visiting a public pool with her two young children. Entering the locker room, they could hear a young child cry so loud that it was difficult not to check out what was happening – and so they did.

A very stressed mother was trying to wash her crying daughters hair. The poor woman was prepared with everything from no tears shampoo to a shampoo visor, but it wasn’t enough, the girl was crying!

With a background in medical devices, where Helle Kayeroed have spent several years developing solutions for people with chronical diseases. Helle Kayeroed decided to take the challenge, and develop a solution that would not only protect a child’s eyes form water and shampoo, but it should also make hair wash easier for the parents.

Helle Kayeroed explains

“It turned out to be quite a challenge. It had to be a solution that protected the eyes but at the same time provided full vision for the wearer – And it had to be a solution that did not touch the hair. The problem with shampoo visors, caps and goggles is that they all sit in the hair, making it impossible to make a thorough hair wash.

In my work with medical devices, I have spent many years developing solutions that can adhere to the skin. The advantage being that you do not “touch” the surrounding areas, which is also the most important element behind DolphinEyes™. With DolphinEyes™ we succeeded in developing a waterproof shield that did not only protect the eyes from soap and water, but it also allows you to wash every single hair on the head.

I hope you will enjoy your next hair wash.”