Oliver is 4 years old and doesn't like shampooing!

Just like many other children, 4-year-old Oliver doesn’t like to have his hair washed. DolphinEyes® shampoo mask protects and provides comfort - no soap or water in the eyes and children can see what is happening.

See what Laura, Oliver and other children say about DolphinEyes:

It is fun when the water runs down the head because then it drums on the eyes.
Laura, 3 years old

I don’t get soap in the eyes, or water either, it’s fun!
Jacob, 6 years old

I’m wishing for DolphinEyes for my birthday!
Inger Marie, 4 years old

You start by closing your eyes because you think you’ll get water in them, and then you don’t!
Eric, 7 years old 

DolphinEyes works, I can see! 
Oliver, 4 years old

The yellow is pretty, and I can see through it!
Emma, 3 years old

When I have DolphinEyes on, I can wash my own hair!
Josephine, 8 years old

You can stand right underneath the shower when you have DolphinEyes on!
Anna, 5 years old



4 årige hader hårvask prøv DolphinEyes så barnet ikke får sæbe i øjnene

4 årige hader hårvask prøv DolphinEyes så barnet ikke får sæbe i øjnene


"My kid is afraid of water!"

It is not unusual for children to be afraid of water. The feeling of having water running down over the face,

and not being able to see what is happening can make children feel insecure and they don’t like to shampoo.

See what Sally’s mom and other parents say about shampooing with DolphinEyes

My son is afraid of water. DolphinEyes turns shampooing into a game.
4-year old Alexander’s Dad

It’s the first time in 4 long years that we’ve had shampooing without tears. And it’s the first time in months that we have washed hair with shampoo.
6-year old Amalie’s Mom

DolphinEyes has turned the day’s low-point to a fun experience for my 3-year old daughter.
3-year old Sally’s Mom

We have always used a cloth, this is MUCH better!
5-year old Emil’s Dad

My daughter can hold her own hair away from her forehead making DolphinEyes super easy to put on.
4-year old Anna’s Mom

DolphinEyes is the new super-cool bathing outfit if you ask my son!
3-year old Malte’s Mom

My daughter was afraid it would hurt to take the mask off, just like a band-aid, but it didn’t at all!
7-year old Elisabeth’s Mom