Happy hairwash in bathtubs and swimming pools

Bath fun with DolphinEyes®

It is a good idea to put DolphinEyes® on before your child gets into the bathtub.

DolphinEyes® should be firmly placed on a dry forehead, so if your child has a little bit of water on

their face please dry the face with a towel before attaching DolphinEyes®.


Using DolphinEyes® at the public swimming pool

It can be a nice idea to use DolphinEyes® shampoo mask at the swimming pool, where one doesn’t actually

have control over the force of the shower. Remember the child’s forehead must be dry before placing

DolphinEyes® on the forehead.


Swimming pool method

1. Dry the child’s forehead all the way up to the hairline with a hand towel

2. Hold the hair away from the forehead, or let your child hold their hair back

3. Dry your own fingers off so you don’t get the adhesive strip wet

4. Remove the plastic protection from the adhesive strip

5. Follow the instructions for placing DolphinEyes® onto the forehead


Teach your child to shampoo their own hair using DolphinEyes®  

DolphinEyes® gives your child the chance to have their eyes open during the whole shampoo experience.

This allows your child to hold their balance better and at the same time watch what is happening.