Get off to a good start with DolphinEyes®

Read the instructions carefully and watch the video, together with your child,
and see how Emilie enjoys being shampooed while wearing our DolphinEyes® shampoo mask.
It’s a great start to a happy shampoo experience for both you and your child.
See the video


DolphinEyes® Instructions

If it is the first time you are using DolphinEyes® it is a good idea to show your child the video with Emilie
shampooing using DolphinEyes® – then he or she will know what DolphinEyes® is, and how it works.


1. The child’s face must be completely dry and clean (no cream)

2. Remove the plastic strip from the back of the mask.
Don’t touch the sticky part or it won’t stick.

3. While keeping the hair away from the child’s forehead,
place the mask just over the eyebrows
and slide a finger
over the top edge of the mask ensuring it is in place.

4. Enjoy a happy bath and hairwash experience.



DolphinEyes® shampoo mask comes in 2 sizes, so it fits your child at any age.

Size S: Has a length of 5,7 inches (14.5 cm) where it attaches and is suitable for 3-6 year olds.

Size M: Has a length of 6,3 inches (15.9 cm) where it attaches and is suitable for 6-8 year olds.

Some children under 3 years can use the mask, while others are curious and take the mask off, so you need to be patient. If the child keeps taking the mask off, then wait until they are 3 years old.



Even the edge has been designed to keep the soap and water away from the face, so children get the best possible shampoo experience.



The DolphinEyes® shampoo mask is made from polypropelene (PP) an environmentally friendly plastic without any phthalates. The adhesive is skin-friendly and non-allergenic. A laminate protects the print on the mask’s edge so the colors cannot come into contact with the child’s skin.


DolphinEyes® is designed and produced in Danmark.

DolphinEyes® is patented and has a CE mark.