About DolphinEyes

DolphinEyes® is a 100% Danish company headquartered in Naerum in the northern part of Zealand. The company was established by Helle Kayerød in  2011 based on her invention for making shampoo time fun for children - DolphinEyes® Shampoo Mask.


To make shampooing a happy experience for all children - and adults 🙂

Why is the shampoo mask called DolphinEyes®


The shampoo mask is called DolphinEyes® because it makes it possible to keep your eyes open, and hold your balance in the bathtub or shower, just like real dolphins. Dolphins can keep their eyes open while they dive in and out of the water.


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Helle Kayerød

The DolphinEyes® Story

DolphinEyes® is a story about the desire and ambition to find a solution to an everyday problem for small children and their parents throughout the world. 

In 2006, Helle Kayerød had an idea she couldn’t forget. For a long time, her small children had been crying every time they had to have their hair shampooed. It was a stressful time, and nobody was having any fun in the bath when it was shampoo time.

Just like all parents, Helle tried to alleviate the problem using a washcloth over the eyes and having the children lean their head backwards. Even swimming goggles and visors were tried to see if the problem could be solved – even though this mean’t that some of the hair didn’t get shampooed properly.

As an engineer and an MBA with lots of experience developing products for the medical industry for people with chronic illnesses, Helle was in a good position to take up the challenge and find a solution so that children could have fun and have their hair shampooed all at the same time.

“I quickly found out that there was no fast and easy solution. The shampoo mask needs to protect the eyes and yet not touch the hair so the hair can be properly washed.

The easiest solution was to find a way to get the shampoo mask to stay attached to the face. 

I have worked with skin-friendly adhesives for many years, so I knew very well that I was embarking on a long journey, with lots of testing of adhesives, to find a solution that could both adhere to the face and resist soap and water, be easy to place on the child’s face, not hurt at all to remove, be skin-friendly and allergy free. It took 5 years… but then it was ready!" – Helle Kayerød