DolphinEyes® protects your child’s eyes from soap and water

– and your child can see what happens during shampooing

Did you know that poor vision is tied to poor balance? If your child have closed eyes during hair wash, which is normal to avoid shampoo getting into the eyes, your child’s balance will be poor. To strengthen you child’s balance and to provide comfort – try hair wash with open eyes! DolphinEyes® will let your child see and at the same time protect his or her eyes from soap and water.

Watch Emilie shampoo with DolphinEyes® – it only takes 30 seconds

Self-adhesive ✓ Skin-friendly ✓ PVC-free ✓ Phthalate-free ✓

It is this easy:

1. Attach DolphinEyes® while the skin is still dry

2. Smooth the top of the mask with a finger

3. Enjoy the bath and hairwash with open eyes